a brief report

Takashi has published a brief report from his research company.
The title is “The logic model shows how new technologies Lead to productivity improvement in Japanese caregiving sites.
Please note that the report is currently available only in Japanese.
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Summary: The shortage of supply in response to the increasing future demand for caregiving for older people is a nationwide issue. In Japan, the solution to this problem is the implementation of new technologies/ICTs in the caregiving sector to improve productivity. In this paper, we present a logical model that visualizes the process of how the introduction of new technologies/ICTs contributes to productivity improvement. The introduction of these technologies brings about four changes in the practical workflow: substitution of care tasks, improvement of information, support for interaction, and ensuring safety and comfort. These changes, through the enhancement of caregiving productivity, have the potential to contribute to the recruitment and retention of caregiving professionals. It is desirable to combine the contributions brought by various technologies with other policy activities to create effective practical interventions.